Infrastructure development is rapidly increasing in order to support human activities


A primary human goal is to develop and expand


Increased human development (HD) is occurring in developing countries




Land use is becoming a strategic decision as suburban development competes with land suitable for agriculture


Agricultural products are selected for their ability to increase HD with efficiency


HD relies on agricultural products that enhance the health of the population


Seasonal, locally sourced agricultural products distributed through efficient logistical networks contribute to HD




Efficient manufacturing technologies provides higher standards of living for humans in developing countries


Cheap labor costs in developing countries contribute to an increase in HD


Developing countries attract international investment into special economic zones for commercial manufacturing and service activities




Literacy rates and equal access to education influence HD


Highly educated, technical populations are migrating to the hot growth regions of HD in order to facilitate the basic utilities




HD relies on equal opportunity, rewarding excellence, irrespective of the individual's background


HD rewards intellectual property and innovation


Health Care


Effective health care systems influence the expansion of HD


HD expansion relies on the health of the population; mental, physical and ethical




Human activity requires the accumulation of natural resources


Access and control of water resources influence the expansion of human growth


Reliance on energy sources influence the expansion of commerce and HD


Natural resources are being harnessed in order to generate alternative energy sources


The expansion of private property rights contributes to human expansion and natural resource accumulation


HD in developing regions has expanded beyond the local natural resource minimum requirement


HD is influenced by the location of geographical assets and the protected status of these assets


International manufacturing activities rely on cheap natural energy resources in order to create, distribute and fulfill the finished product


HD is leading to an increase in Per capita energy consumption


HD secures historic sites and extraordinary natural resource regions in the service of international tourism and entertainment activities


Efficient use of natural energy resources in suburban systems influence HD projects towards concentration and density




HD is expanding near significant commercial regions


Access to mass public transportation systems influence HD


The expansion of public works in support of HD is influenced by access to capital assets


Human expansion is increasingly accomplished by for profit, private ventures


HD integrates entertainment industry activities into the expansion plan


HD relies heavily on service level agreements, quality assurance commitments, warranties and obligations in order to expand


HD relies on telecommunication systems to maintain real time scheduling to enhance efficiency and deliver time sensitive services


HD relies on certain basic utilities in order to expand; water, power, sanitation, mass public transportation, security, telecommunications, health care, food and asset accumulation services


HD projects are influenced by accessibility to the basic utilities


HD projects increasingly integrate common, commercial space into the master plan


HD relies on international tourism revenue to finance expansion


HD commits common basic utilities in the service of supporting international tourism and entertainment activities


HD integrates international marketing campaigns to generate brand identity expanding manufacturing and commerce activities


Developing countries engage in international commerce with the expectation that adequate wealth accumulation is generated to create a viable domestic economy


Hot growth in certain regions of developing countries results in the migration of large populations to those regions